Monday, June 04, 2007

Yay progress

The quilts appear to have made it to the USA later than they should and without the correct paperwork. They are being held by American customs awaiting further information from either me or the show. I should be able to get them back without paying customs charges, but I won't know for sure until later. It maybe that customs are trying to contact the show before releasing them, which will be tricky given they are late and the organizers are already at the show. Still I think that is the most positive and confident answer I have had so far so I am pleased. What a situation, pleased that US customs are holding my package.

It was an interesting conversation with Customer Relations. Apparently the scanners do update the system pretty much instantly. The customer isn't really expected to watch the tracking constantly, normally you do get a call if there is a problem with your package. In fact she thinks I have done everrything I should have, indeed above and beyond what I should have needed to do. So it really isn't my fault the quilts haven't arrived on time where they were sent

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Twig said...

and we are going to sue DHL right?
a lot?
I mean, *really* a lot?