Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I take a night off and work happens!

I spent tonight at a concert. I don't go to so many now, so they are even more of a treat when they do come up. I tend to only go to bands I know will put on a good show, I don;t have time to waste (let alone money) on those who are more variable in quality. Tonight was Motley Crue, who I love going to see. It is a very high energy show and I always leave feeling better, more alive and usually inspired.

Strangely it was the support band that provided most of the inspiration this time. I wasn't looking forward to them at all, Papa Roach didn't sound like my sort of band at all, but actually their newer material was pretty good. Their older songs really weren't to my tastes but they didn't play too much of that. They did give me an idea of a male nude. I have been thinking about it for some time now but I find men are harder to show in ways that speak to me. Sorry but most male nudes are somewhat untidy to my eye. I have nothing against the male form, it just isn't an neatly beautiful as women. The lead singer of Papa Roach mostly wasn't that exciting, but just sometimes the light on his arms was fantastic. I think I know what aspects of it made it work for me, and I think I have someone who could model for me. If I can make it work I will be thrilled.

They also sang a song dedicated to people from broken homes. After the song the singer said that believed that anything that doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and that he was proud of who he has become. It reminded me that I have a series and a one off that I need to make on that kind of theme, and I think I now have the skills I need to make them work. I think I will dig out the fabrics and bag up those projects next time I need a break.

It was good to see Motley Crue, I always wonder if the concert will be the last time I see Mick playing, and it seems that he plays each as if it were his last. He is still a great guitarist, and I do love watching him, even if I did need my binoculars to do it this time. Unfortunately Tommy Lee wasn't able to play, he has injured his shoulder. Whilst I felt sorry for him having to sit out the concert which he obviously wanted to be involved in, I felt even more sorry for his stand in. Can you imagine having to perform in place of someone with that big a personality, in front of their fans with them coaching you from the sidelines. Not my idea of fun, even if the idea of playing with the band is. It was a fantastic show, and they did a good job of the sound mixing. Sadly a lot of rock bands don't seem to be able to do that and it spoils a lot of concerts. I loved the flames, flares and pyrotechnics, just what you need on a hot day in a hot venue, we must be mad.

Having showered and changed, I've managed to get my Houston entry forms done, the photos are OK, they could be better but Decadence really didn't want to play ball having been rolled up for two weeks. Hopefully it will be good enough to show the concept to the jury. Then when I logged on to update my show spreadsheet I found that another of my secret projects is about to become a lot less secret. In the next day or so the pattern for 'By the Hearth' should appear on the Makower web site. It's obviously my week for publishing patterns. It is a pattern for a life size fireplace, complete with candles, Christmas cards, presents, stockings and of course a cat. It will also be published later this year in Popular Patchwork. It was a fun project to work on, I just wish I could have shared it at the time.

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Penny said...

Congratulations on getting the pattern published: it is a very clever design.

Hopefully the Houston judges will like your other quilts.