Friday, June 01, 2007

I think they need a map

...and someone with a clue. DHL have told me in the last three hours,
  • we can't tell where you package is until after 9am
  • your packages wasn't scanned but is on a flight
  • you package was x-rayed which causes a 24 hour delay (on the 29th)
  • your package is on our warehouse
I am going to assume that one or more of those is a lie and one or more is truth, but it is very hard to be sure which is which. If I was really cynical it might sound like they had lost the package entirely, but that would be silly wouldn't it. If it is still in this country there is no way my quilts can compete in the MQS show. They wouldn't arrive in time.

Hmmm, I've just had another call from DHL, they are definitely on a plane. OK so does anyone know where my package is, or where it is going? The only bright side is there is now someone in DHL sounding as bothered about this as me. No one likes looking a fool and this poor man does seem to be being set up by his own company.

Any bets where it is, which way it is heading or where it will end up? Will I have wasted my show entry fees? Will the show ever forgive me? Will I ever use DHL again? Will I ever enter another American show?

All this and more on the next thrilling installment of Dr Jekyll and Mr DHL.

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