Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sorry DHL

OK, before I say anything else I owe DHL and apology. Their web site does clearly state that all times are local to the scan point, and in an earlier post I said it didn't. That was my mistake and I am sorry for misrepresenting them on that point.

However, they still seem to have no idea where the packages are, here is the latest tracking list I have on the web site. A lot of new data points have been added and several others removed. I have also sorted them in to date and time order, something that seems to be beyond DHL.I have also converted all time to British Summer time to make it easier to see the sequence of events.
  • May 29 10:14 London Heathrow - UK Shipment Picked Up
  • May 29 18:14 London Heathrow - UK Departing Origin
  • May 29 20:14 London Heathrow - UK Departed From DHL Facility London-Heathrow
  • May 29 23:01 East Midlands - UK Arrived DHL Facility East Midlands
  • May 30 14:01 East Midlands - UK Shipment on Hold
  • June 01 11:42 London Heathrow - UK Arrived at DHL Facility London-Heathrow
  • June 02 06:04 East Midlands - UK Departed From DHL Facility East Midlands - UK
  • June 02 07:32 DHL Wilmington - USA Clearance Delay
  • June 02 10:34 DHL Wilmington - USA Clearance Delay
  • June 02 11:03 DHL Wilmington - USA Shipment on Hold
  • June 03 12:15 DHL Wilmington - USA Arrived DHL Facility Wilmington - USA
  • June 03 13:25 DHL Wilmington - USA Departing Origin
  • June 03 14:44 DHL Wilmington - USA Clearance Delay
So to me. from this set of data, it looks like the shipment got split up. The first part was shipped to Wilmington in time to get to the show but was held at the depot, possibly because it was incomplete. Some time later the rest of the package made it to Wilmington. It looks like several scans have been missed along the way which makes it quite hard to be sure. There is no record of the first package leaving the East Midlands for example, and the flight time seems very short, 2.5 hours to the USA?

Also remember I was told the package was definitely on a flight to America that would arrive in Wilmington by 13:00 June 01. I was them told it was definitely on an internal flight "I have called our export agents and they tell me it is definitely there", no sign of that in the tracking is there. I made several calls to try and verify this, every department other than sales assured me the package was still in the UK, which would be consistent with these records. My next job for today is to write up a clear list of all the information I have been given by DHL staff at various times and see if that can be added to this list. Hopefully it will give me a very clear idea of what misinformation I have been given and what my package has been up to.

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