Tuesday, June 26, 2007

HI, I haven't forgotten you all

I came back from the show on Sunday and settled straight down to working on finishing my NEC entries. That is a good thing, given how soon they need to be ready but at the same time it means I haven't even uploaded my pictures from the show yet.

I have quilted large amounts of wood grain. I was practicing it while demonstrating the Sapphire at Sandown. It has come up pretty well on the real fabric, so I am happy with that. I have just finished the carving design I want to add to my 'wood'. I just need to work out how to mark it on. I might try sewing it with wash away thread from the wrong side. I think that will be the easiest option. I've also got the design for my small traditional quilt finalised, so as soon as the wood is off the frame that can go on.

I've had a demand for money from DHL so I need to write to them, that will be fun won't it. I am amazed they think I should pay for them failing to deliver my quilts. I also came home to a request to write an article about me for Unlimited Possibilities magazine. It is very exciting and I am thrilled to have been asked, but at the same time it will require a lot of thought and care. They have given me a set of questions to work from which will help a lot, and they can edit it down if I send them too much. Of course I also need to think about pictures to send them. Eeek. Glad I remembered to renew my subscription.

Why is it everything always happens at once?

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Dormouse said...

I can't believe that DHL expect you to pay after that fiasco. I'm donm sure that a large business who lost a contract due to their samples not being delivered on time wouldn't pay and in effect that is what these quilts are. Your future business is, in part, attracted by getting your 'name' and work recognised by the general quilting public. Exhibited quilts are such a huge part of that and so not getting them to the show is directly impacting your business. They should be compensating you!!!

Good luck with the article for Unlimited Possibilities. That's really exciting.