Wednesday, June 06, 2007


So my quilts have turned into wallpaper, and either increased or decreased in value, depending on how you interpret the numbers. There may or may not still be 2 packages, but they are definitely stuck in UK customs. I have to apply for a TURN code or VAT number before I can get them back, as you aren't allowed to import goods over the value of 600 pounds. If I can get the form it will then take 48 hours to get the code. However getting the forms isn't as easy as you might hope.

I really wanted to waste another day chasing DHL, really I did. I didn't have anything else I should be doing at all. Of course all my customers will understand why their jobs are late and still want to work with me. Yeah right. I see some very late nights in my future as I try to catch up with everything. Yes, I am finally having a sense of humour failure. I think I did well getting this far.

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