Saturday, June 02, 2007

They aren't at Heathrow

So now we have three places my quilts aren't, that's pretty good isn't it. They are not at the show, or my house either. The very nice ladies who work for DHL in Heathrow did try to find out where the packages are but no one works on a Saturday so there wasn't a lot they could do. According to their system there are now 3 packages (I sent 2) and one of the at least got on a plane this morning and is on it's way to Illinois. From the information they have, which is pretty different to the web site they are pretty sure the quilts are in America, somewhere. They may even reach their destination eventually. Not really very useful. I am also a little concerned that the packages seem to be multiplying. Does this mean they have been opened and repacked at some stage? I suppose customs may have felt the need to have a look or something, but I would have thought they would have just repacked them as they were rather than having to supply more packaging.

I would like to thank you all for the messages of support, they are very much appreciated. I think you are all helping me remain calm enough to try and deal with this mess. No mean feat I assure you.

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