Saturday, June 02, 2007


The DHL website tracking has updated again. The Customs delay in Wilmington is now showing as 05:34 followed by the shipment going on hold at 06:03, followed by it leaving the UK depot at 06:04. I think I understand the problem, it is a teleporting package. Every time someone stops looking at it, it teleports somewhere else. I am going to go down to the Heathrow depot and see if anyone there can track if for me. I can but hope right.


Dormouse said...

Not only is it teleporting is has also cloned itself and really is in 3 places at once.

Going to the depot in person sounds like a good idea. At least that way they have to lie to yo99u face to face.

Good luck.

Ferret said...

YUp there is that and I think when there customer is in front of you it is more personal and you might be more inclined to try and get a sensible answer.

Beverly said...

Certainly puts lie to the assumption that those marvelous computer tracking systems ensure our packages won't get lost!! Here's hoping a personal visit pays off- if your quilts don't make it to the show, at the very least I hope they make it back into your hands. And I would be an EX-DHL customer!!
Off to watch Bonnie's vidcast with you--