Friday, June 01, 2007

Eeeek I'm on video

I did know it was coming, you kinda notice doing an interview, but it's still quite scary actually seeing yourself on screen. Here is what Bonnie McCaffery says about her latest VidCast

On my trip to England I came across 2 quilters that I thought you
might like to hear about.

Ferret - yes that's her name - is not your standard quilter - she's
young and does quilted nudes that are gorgeous art pieces.

Maggie Farmer is a country gardener who is inspired by the nature
around her.

If you enjoy the music, you might want to check out Music by Joaquin Taboada You can purchase the CD for $10 at

VIDEO at - click "GO TO
VidCast". Then select the "MP4" version if you have QuickTime or
you're on a MAC. The "WMV" version will work if the MP4 version does

So if you want to see moving pictures of me you know where to look. I would like to say I was very nervous hence falling over my words. I can normally string sentences together. Also I am told by my nearest and dearst that I was slightly picking up Bonnies accent, I can't listen carefully enough to tell but I am all English really. I always pick up the accent of people I am with it's quite annoying as they often think I am being rude, I do try not to do it.

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