Thursday, June 27, 2013

National Quilt Championships

Rather than my usual policy of being a tease, l thought l would start with the quilt I have had the most questions about. Seneca. This is the quilt I was working on at the beginning of the year that I had hoped to enter in the Veldhoven show. Sadly things happened and it wasn't finished in time. l did however get it done for Sandown, where it was in the large wallhanging category.

The quilt is raw edge applique with a lot of thread painting. The background fabric is another piece by Heide Stoll-Webber. I think it was one of my pot luck pieces. By which l mean the pieces l buy part way through the Festival Of QuiIts when l am not really thinking too well. I tend to get some very pretty fabric that way but l usually have no idea what l am going to do with them. The fabrics in the wolf were bought in Houston last year. Again I had no idea what I wanted them for but they were too good to miss. l ended up having to order more to be sure I could finish this quilt. Of course l now have loads left over.

l struggled to find a quilting design that l liked for the background So in the end l used a combination a several patterns. I like the result so I expect l will do this again.
 For those who have asked why I don't blog as much, it is largely because blogger has become very difficult to use. To produce this blog post has taken 2 computers and 3 pieces of software to say nothing of 2 hours of my time. Yes I know that is crazy, but well that seems to be what is required now. It does rather put me off blogging. I do have things I would love to be sharing with you but how?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So far so simple

Ok that seems to work. Guess l had better try to get some photos then. If anyone has any pictures of my quilts at Look Lomond could you send me them please then \ can write about the show. I forgot to take my camera with me. Sandown l do have pictures of l just have to work out how to get them on here.


Well here is anther way for me to try and get back into blogging. l am hoping a new google approved device will help but only time will tell. I know a lot of you hone missed my ramblings and to be honest I have missed you too. Unfortunately the new improved blogger has been horrible for me to work with . Since my last post a lot has been going on . l hone exhibited in Scotland and at Sandown , taught many classes and done several talks. Fixing my blog has been fairly low priority. If this works that may be a thing of the past.