Thursday, June 07, 2007

Secret Squirrel

I have been working hard today, I've got lots done and I feel much better for it. Unfortunately it is more secret stuff so I can't show you that. On the other hand one of my other secret projects is now allowed out. I was taking lots of pictures of it this morning before it left for it's new home. I believe it is now there (I sent it by hand not courier) so I guess I can now brag about it.

It is the 'Pretty in Pink' commission. Pink is really not my colour and there have been times when I really wondered what I was doing. It is surprisingly hard to select fabrics that aren't your colour. I decided the way for me to deal with it was to only consider the quilt in grey. After all the most important thing in quilt design is value right. I got the top together and I wasn't convinced. It looked fine in black and white though so I carried on. Here are the pictures I took while it was on the frame.

As you can see the quilt is hot pink. It is designed to appeal to a seven year old girl, and having taken advice from people who sell fabric to young girls and indeed young girls themselves, this is the colour to go for. I would have to admit to quite liking the star fabric. It is so soft. I have no idea how I would include it in a quilt for me though.

The top was all pieced then the layers loaded on the frame. Once I had it loaded I positioned and fastened the flowers in place. I am really pleased with the flowers as they are somewhat three dimensional. Of course I couldn't get that to show in any of the pictures.
The background, which is most of the quilt, is quilted with two types of flowers, hearts (thanks Myrna) and peacock feathers. Once I got into the swing of flowers I really enjoyed doing them, so I think this will be added as one of my freehand overall patterns. I am sure it will look good on a wide range of quilts.

It was only after I added the flowers that the quilt started talking to me. I could finally see past the colour and see where it was going and what it wanted. I love it when I reach that stage of any project. This one though was special, I didn't think it would happen so it meant a lot more when it suddenly came together.

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