Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pretty in Pink - back

I think the back shows better why I am so pleased with this quilt. Of course it was also harder to take pictures of. the backing is actually a pale pink with a sort of paisley pattern. I hope that the back looking good and being a little more subtle will extend the quilts life. It could be used this way up for an adult quite easily.

There are a few areas with slightly larger gaps than other areas but not many and mostly in places dictated by the design. I think the overall effect is pretty regular. The stitches also look pretty even, I don't have stitch regulation, so I have to try and move smoothly. It's surprising as I thought I was quite tense when I started the quilting, but it doesn't seem to show. Maybe I actually quilt better more tense?

When I started the project I was planning on putting quite open quilting on this piece. I didn't want to push the cost up with a lot of machine work. It didn't quite work out that way, but in hind sight I think that is probably a good thing. When I do Linus quilts I tend to put more quilting on the quilts for boys or younger children, on the grounds that they will be loved a lot and need every chance going to stay in one piece. It also occurred to me that this is a potential heirloom, it may be around in a hundred plus years and if it is will give a snapshot of this family at this time. It's a nice thought and one I considered a lot finishing the quilting. This quilt got the quilting it wanted, and I think it knew better than me.

I just hope I can do as good a job on the bed quilt I am putting into Sandown. It's getting very close (I am hand delivering so I have a bit longer) and I still can't decided what I want to do on it. I am hoping it will start talking to me really soon. If not I guess I start winging it and hope it gets chatty as I go, right?


Vicki W said...

The quilting is beautiful!

Beverly said...

It is spectacular, I'm glad you took pictures of the back where it is easier to see. I'm sure the seven year old recipient will love it!

I had a wonderful package today, thank you so much!! I wasn't expecting all the photos, but I am ever so happy to have my own photos of your work. I love them all, it is interesting to see how your style has changed and evolved.

Now to put some sort of a sleeve on the art share meme piece so I can enjoy it on my studio wall--

Ferret said...

Glad you liked your package, I thought you deserved something extra for all the waiting.

I couldn't decide the best way to hang those quilts, I thought about sleeves, rings and corner triangles, but none seemed ideal. I was thinking sewing pins to hold them to the wall might work well. There is a partner quilt to yours and Penny has it - Another Dilittante

Bird on a wire said...

Very, very nice quilting