Wednesday, June 06, 2007


It's official I have to get a TURN to get my quilts back. No not a small bird nor a dodgy stage act, a special number you need to have to be able to move goods over the value of 600 pounds in or out of the country. In fact I don't need a TURN but a pseudo TURN. I've applies and if all goes well I may have it in 48 hours. Then I can give it to DHL, who can give it to customs who will release my quilts.

As with everything in this case it isn't as simple as it could be. TURNS are issued for people moving goods from the country of origin to another country. The quilts are moving from here to here. Hopefully they will apply some common sense and just give me the number anyway.


Rosalind said...

I have just been catching up on the progress of your quilts! How frustrating!!!!!!!!
Think I would be spitting feathers by now.
There are better things to do aren't there?

Ferret said...

Oh yes, I have lots of things I would rather be doing, believe me. Still while I am waiting for customs I can at least get on a do some work. After all the quilts are safe while they are with customs.