Thursday, June 14, 2007

Things are moving forward

I know it is silly but I was thrilled to see that my entry forms have been delivered today. I guess it is just a reaction to the DHL mess, but I really was very pleased. Even with delays at both airports they still got it there before lunchtime today. It has made me feel much better about sending my quilts out again. I've been quite shocked at the number of DHL horror stories I've been told in the last couple of weeks, and surprised by how many people have recommended FedEx. I've been impressed by this experience so I am quite happy to try them again. Watch this space, I will try and remember to post the review positive or negative.

Another bonus today, Penny has posted pictures of the quilt I sent her as part of the art share meme. This is great as I forgot to take pictures of them. Doh! I was just keen to get them in the post. So if you are interested take a look at her blog here.

I've spent the day working on quilts for Sandown. 'Splash of Darkness' is on the frame, I am trying to improve the contrast between the dark bands and the colours. They looked quite high contrast before I put them together, but now they are a big muddy. Hopefully the quilting will lift and push as required and it will be good. I've also got 'Tropical Punch' underway, it is a really fun quilt and perfect to work on in between the quilting on Splash. I am both concerned by how close the deadline is and quite confident I am on track. I would actually be ahead of the game without all the distractions the last couple of week. Still nothing I can do about that now so I guess I just have to get on with it.

Theoretically we are racing this weekend at Santa Pod, but the weather isn't looking hopeful. I am saving some hand sewing just in case, now that should be enough to taunt the weather into being good right?


Penny said...

I can take some more photos for you, with it flat, if you want. (I forgot to say, I really liked the backing fabric, with it's aztec theme, or is New Mexico.)

Ferret said...

I'm not sure what teh backing fabric is, I like it but I was sure I wouldn't use it on the front of a quilt anytime soon. It seemed to like the front so they got together. Glad you like it.If you get a chance to take a picute of it flat that would be great, but don't stress about it. It's not like I don't know where it is after all :)