Friday, July 31, 2009

The sample quilt

Embarrassingly, the first quilt started for my book was the last one finished and photographed. You may remember seeing a bad picture of this quilt quite a while ago, but I thought you might like to see a good one. This quilt was very much made for my bed. I love the black and silver fabric in it, and I was determined to have a quilt with it in. I also wanted to check the quilt worked with as few as three fabrics. This quilt really divided opinions, but whatever others think, I love it, and it did good service as the book sample.


Penny said...

That looks like a black and white photo! Will it be at the Festival of Quilts?

Ferret said...

The lightest colour is actually a very soft blue, and apparently a pig to get right in the colour corrections for the book (oops). The quilt will probably be on display in my gallery. I think have three spaces for book quilts and it is one of the ones I am considering.