Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is this a first?

You see quilters crossing over into all sorts of other areas, but I wonder if this is a first. Having my quilt displayed on Forbidden Planets web site is something I never expected. I am thrilled it has captured their imagination. I would love to see this craft being picked up by more people with different ideas. There are already plans for me to do a couple more projects with comic artists and I am really looking forward to them. They have their own set of challenges and well, they are different. I'd love to take this further, but well you will just have to watch this space. Right now I have some celtic knots demanding my attention.


Stitchinscience said...

Hi Ferret, do you know the shop " They Walk among Us" in Richmond? They may also be interested in displaying your quilt as they have a LOT of graphic art books.


Cy Dethan said...

At the risk of betraying a minor personal bias regarding the project, I hereby unilaterally declare "Bad Rain" to be the single most significant adventure in textile comics since the Bayeux Tapestry! :)

Penny said...

Oh, that's very exciting. Your fame is spreading to all sorts of cool places.

BTW, I might stay overnight at the FOQ - which was the good hotel?