Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bad Rain - Crosshair

Woo hoo, he's quilted and I think he looks pretty good.


Stephen Downey said...

He does look great :D

When you stich over your guidlines it looks very similar to inking over pencilled work. Very interesting.

Ferret said...

I suspect it is much the same thing. I've been wondering if the way I do the colour would be similar to old style transparency colouring. I lay down an area of flat colour then add the lines over it, but it would be the same as back colouring a transparency wouldn't it?

Glad you think he looks OK :)

Nic said...

We are going to be doing The Insomniac's guide to Cancertown for publication next year.

I need to talk to you about getting a piece in there on Bad Rain - pics and some text from you on the process, comparisons of techniques etc.

Liz said...

Looks great to me too! And I'm pleased at how much you're enjoying pushing the boundaries with these new techniques - lots of creativity, I'm impressed !!