Friday, July 03, 2009

Bad influence?

It seems we managed to lead our host astray last weekend, she has joined us here on blogger :) Hopefully it will give all of us a chance to keep up with the goings on at Hobby Holidays. I'm looking forward to seeing her longarm up and running, then the quilts that will flow off it. For now Jo has posted and introduction and a bit of behind the scenes info about running retreats. She didn't even complain about those people who manage to phone in the middle of the cooking frenzy :) If you would like to take a look it's called Hobby Holidays Blog.

Now I had better brave the heat in the longarm room again and see if I can get to a point where I can post a photo later. My dragon is coming on pretty well, and I have to have it finished Monday or Tuesday next week so I can quilt a quilt for a friend, who needs it urgently.


ravenrigan said...

Hiya, hun, I've joined you crafty bloggers as well, (and am following your blog) though my posts are mostly about the minutiae of hand embroidery, which is my thang!

Ferret said...

Cool. I love your designs. I think the third choice would have stayed as my first, but that's just me. The one you chose to do is lovely too. I wish my shoulders would tolerate me doing hand work, but they don't so I do what I do.

Caroline said...

Definately a bad influence! Although from her postings, it looks like Jo is enjoying writing it.