Sunday, August 02, 2009

Too much time to think

I spent far too much time on the computer yesterday. I wasn't feeling well and doing really fiddly cutting out didn't seem like a great plan. It did mean I finally found some strong envelopes that my book will fit in and that will fit the large letter size for posting. Sounds trivial, but I assure you it isn't. For the first time I found a live chat on a web site that actually worked too. They got the sale as they could answer my questions there and then (Saturday evening).

I got a lovely letter from a lady who reads British Patchwork and Quilting. In the mad rush to tall you about the quilts I've been working on I failed to mention the article they published about me in the latest issue. Very bad of me as it is a lovely article.

I've also been giving some thought to future books. I think the quilt that I had intended as my first book has just been demoted again. I think it is now looking at fourth place at best. Not only have I had several enquiries about a book on how I make my art quilts but two of my students now want me to teach the technique as well. If I've got to write the lessons I might as well write the book. My first thought was that there wouldn't be enough information to make a good book, it's not hard there aren't many steps..... well when you start trying to write them down they look a lot longer than when you are doing it. I guess it is like anything you get familiar with, you don't notice all the steps things just happen.

I also got thinking about a couple of extra things I would like to add to the first book, but it's too late to do that now. So I am planning to write up a couple of extra tutorials for people who buy the book which they can access from my web site. You will also be able to download PDF's of any pages you need to photocopy so you can just print them out. I guess I can't be the only person who wants to work on things in the middle of the night and doesn't own a photocopier.

In short being ill makes work. I'd avoid it if I were you :)

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