Sunday, July 05, 2009

As promised

Here is a taste of what is on my frame at the moment. It's a large art quilt for my gallery at the Festival of quilts. I am pretty happy with how it is coming on although like any of my big quilts I get frustrated that I can't see all of it. I just had to unroll what I had done and take a peek.

It isn't a great picture, but then conditions there are tircky. Light from the window does save putting the lamps on but it doesn't help show the quilt in it's best light. Also to make things as easy as possible I used my phone to take the picture. Every little saving counts at this point. I love the horns on the wing tips, I think they have come out exactly as I imagine them. I just hope I can get the face right too. I was very lucky to be able to get the artist of my original dragon to draw the starting art work for this piece and to trace off the quilting lines from the enlarged image. I am hoping this will give the finished piece a strong feel of him as well as me. Well enough chat I've got a lot to be getting on with. I hope you've all enjoyed having a little look at what I am working on.

Oh wait there was something else I was going to say. I've been asked to do a meet and greet session at the Festival of quilts. It will be open to people who are attending the evening events on Saturday night. After the show closes there would be a chance to come to my stand and talk to me without the bustle of the show. There is even the promise of a glass of champagne each. So if you going to any of the events that night and would like to come to the meet and greet, get in touch with Twisted Threads for the details. As I am teaching on the Saturday this will be pretty much the only time I am on my stand that day so it will be great to have a chance to meet people I might otherwise have missed.


Stephen Downey said...

Ohhh how do you get all that shiney texture on the wings?

What a teaser. I hope you post the whole thing when its ready :)

Ferret said...

Thanks Stephen. It's a feature of having two and half dimensions to play with. The ripples of the wings catch the light which makes the look like they are glowing or shiny when it's in the right place. It's aso made up of two colours of fabric (well each piece is actually several colours) and that helps a lot. Gotta love the way the human brains interprets things :)

There will be a photo of it eventually but I can't promise when. It's way too big to hang in my house so it will either have to be the garden or at the shop.

Feather on a Wire said...

I so want to see more!

Ferret said...

Me too :) I've just found the perfect eye fabric, but I am struggling with the eyelids.