Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bad Rain - what I am aiming for

As Stephen has borrowed a picture from me I thought I would do the same from here, exchange is no robbery and all that. He is the artist behind this image, and this is what I am trying to recreate. I am only using commercial quilting fabrics, so I won't be getting a perfect colour match. However I do think I should be able to capture the essence of the image. I have discovered a lot more detail in the picture than I had noticed when I saw it in the book. There are huge variations in the pencil strokes, that will be a huge challenge to reproduce. The most problematic areas are the human faces. They are very small relative to the whole piece but very important. I am happy that I have got them just big enough to render them. I have to admit I am really enjoying working on this. It is very different for me, but I like the locks of colour I am using then adding the 'inks' over the top. Look out for more updates tomorrow, remember I am on a very tight schedule with this one.


Nic said...

Interesting to hear about the thought needed to reproduce the different line widths in thread.

Of course line width is easy in brush or pencil - so easy you don't think about it :) but it conveys a lot in comic art.

Does this, in a way, make this kind of needlework closer to tattooing I wonder?

Ferret said...

I hadn't thought about it until I needed it for the dragon. I have to do it by going over the line multiple times. On Glenn's drawing a standard line seemed to be 3 repeats, but Stephens need 4 or 5. I think that is the art style, the lines are heavier in comic art. However I still find lines which only want going over once. This needs some planning if I don't want to keep breaking my thread.

I did say to Glenn I thought this was more tattoo like. I don't think he was convinced though. It's definitely very different to the other quilting I have done and to drawing with a traditional tool.