Monday, July 06, 2009

Dragon teaser 2

Well I am making progress and I needed to check the eyes, so you get to see the picture. Working this size makes photographs a really useful tool for checking progress. There is still a lot of quilting to be done in the area around the face, but that wasn't what I was interested in at this point. Having seen the picture I think the eyes will do. Bear in mind yo are seeing this as I do and to be honest probably better. This section is the whole of what I can see in one go, the roller shows in the top of the picture. As you can imagine it's pretty tricky to grasp the whole image when you can only see a section.

I'm very pleased with the belly scales too. The ones that have their stitching on are looking very scaly now. I am trying to decide how much stitching they will have. If I stitch shading on it may make them look more shaped, or it may have the opposite effect as it will crush the fabric down. At the moment the fabric sits up and curves the way it should. What I may have to do with this one is take it off the frame with the minimum quilting on it and then drape it somewhere where I can study it. It's going to be a close call either way.

Now you've all had a look I think I need to go and put some more quilting on this little beastie.


Nichola said...

Wow. This is looking amazing!

Do you remember when you made me dragon cake, once?

Lady Hopwood said...

It is so amazingly gorgeous I am green with envy just looking at it! Beautiful work, I love it :-)