Thursday, August 18, 2011

World Quilt show

I've had a couple of days with very little time to quilt unfortunately (well it happens). I did errands yesterday and visited a friend today. When I got home though I got a great surprise. The World Quilt Show results are up. Well where to start. At the top I guess, Persephone Rising by Marilyn Belford I love. I am surprised it only have an Honourable Mention. I love it, but I usually do like her quilts. Heading on down the page I like the Winner of Best Machine Workmanship (Innovative) I hope I can get to see a bigger picture of it at some point. It is Te Timatanga by Ansa Breytenbach, from New Zealand. My next big grin was caused by Jacquie Harvey,who has won Best Hand Workmanship (traditional) with Lux Aurumque (Light & Gold. I have huge respect for Jacquie and she is a lot of fun too. Well done. Right below her quilt is Best Machine Workmanship (traditional), Greek Fossils :) I can't tell you have chuffed I am. That was the award I really wanted, but the good news continues, best of country for the UK is another quilt I am really fond of, A Future and a Hope by Lynne Quinn I saw it at the Festival of Quilts last year and loved it. I felt it should have done better than it did, and this pretty much sorts that out.

All in all a great day for lots of quilts and people I like. Well done everyone and if anyone is going to the World quilt show at any of it's venues please could you send me a picture of Greek Fossils hanging, I would really appreciate it.


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PhoebeP said...

Oh well done! It's a wonderful quilt.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news. Well done! :)

Susan Briscoe said...

Congratulations - again!

Borderline Quilter said...

Woohoo, Good for You!
Best wishes
Kay in Scotland