Wednesday, August 24, 2011

World Quilt Show Photos

Thanks to Donna from Follow That Thread, I now have some pictures of Greek Fossils hanging at the world quilt show. I really appreciate it when people around the world not only take and interest in my quilts but also take the time to send me pictures. I can't often go and see my quilts and getting the pictures is rather like getting a good postcard from a friend. In this case it's also the first time I got to actually see the award, doubly good.

Yesterday I did finish the areas of pebbling I was determined to do before giving the quilt a rest again. I've got a couple of customer quilts I needed to have done and actually they have been a very nice break. There comes a point where you would really like to see some progress when you are working and getting a quilt fully quilted today was just what I needed. I think tomorrow I will finish the customer quilt I have on the frame then start on quilting the art quilt. It's not hanging in a terribly safe place and it should be fairly quick to work on. Before I get to quilting it I do have few tweaks to do but I think they might actually be easier once it is lying down.

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