Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Art quilt - another colour starts to go on

So here you can see the start of another colour, and this is when things start to look really odd. As I said I don't totally overlap layers so this one is cut short in a few places, because it doesn't need to be there. Also it is currently in places that will ultimately be darker than the first colour not lighter so it will make the image look quite strange. There are quite a few more pieces of this colour to go in but this was as far as I managed to get for today.

I was asked how I go about choosing the colour for my quilts. Mostly I listen to the image and see what it says to me. This one was a bit excitable and seemed to be happy with a lot of ideas. I did consider just leaving it in grey scale as that is what I convert all my images to before I work with them. I also quite liked the idea of the shoes being in colour against the monochrome image. I thought about a sepia colour way but discarded that idea quite quickly, my last two were done in those colours and I wanted something different. The pose feels to clam for me to go for anything too bright so my flame colours were out. Green is just wrong for most humans so that wasn't an option. That kind of brings me to blue, purple, or pinks. I'm not a fan of pink and getting a long enough run in the same colour is really hard so that leaves blue or purple. The image feels more purple to me so purple it is. I could have come up with simpler choices I'm sure, but hey who wants an easy life. I still haven't decided what to do with the shoes though, just as well they go on top of the rest of the fabrics isn't it.


Quilt Inspiration said...

We admire your work, and really enjoy reading about your process of creation. Thanks so much for the inspiration. This piece is already wonderful.

Jo Hopwood said...

This is looking so good Ferret, I love seeing the process!