Friday, August 12, 2011

Inspiration day

Today I went out to look at animals. A friend had asked me to take her to her favourite wildlife park for her birthday so what I could I do.  I was forced to spend the day watching animals it was such a hardship :)

The first picture is ferrets asleep on their dinner. They were running about madly, then eating as though starved then asleep on the food. It was all very quick, but they seemed to be very very happy.

In the second picture we have ferret in a hoodie, but she's just misunderstood honest. She hasn't been causing any trouble at all.

The owls and indeed anything else in a wire cage were quite hard to photograph, but with careful positioning I did manage to catch a disinterested snowy owl.

The otters were fantastic. The solo otter is a native otter. She had young who were being very difficult to see. We did get to see them later in the day but I didn't manage to get a picture, sorry. 

The group of otters are eurasian otters (I think) and man are they noisy and troublesome. They are great fun and I could have watched them for hours. Now I think I need to get to bed then tomorrow I can get back to my quilts. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Linzi said...

I'm glad you have had fun with furry friends, everyone is missing catching up with you at FOQ...!

Ferret said...

Ah but I am getting so much done, and I've saved a small fortune not going to the show this year. Besides I need to make new show quilts if I am going to keep entering shows.

Lyn Armstrong said...

Love the otters, thanks for showing them. I think your right, work is a necessary evil or should that be angel?