Thursday, August 11, 2011

Exciting day!

Two magazines in the post today and both have reviews of the Sandown quilt show. I am so chuffed that they both chose Greek Fossils as one of their featured quilts. That quilt is now at thw World Quilt Show, so I have everything crossed for it to do well there. As every if you see it on it's travels please please send me a photo.

Even better Fabrications has a picture of my dress in it. That is special because it's such a hard piece to get displayed anywhere. It's lovely to see it getting out and about like that. Thank you so much.

Probably the most fun was something I wasn't expecting at all, and I will have to have words with him for not saying anything. Jamie Warren is Popular Patchworks featureds quilter. Never heard of him? Shame on you, you've probably at least seen him if you've been to a quilt show in the last few years. He is a salesman with Husqvarna Viking. I find it amusing that he has the same problems working in a womans world that I did in a Mans world. This salesman really knows what he is talking about, and he can sew. Not just enough to demo machines either. I hope we will soon be seeing his quilts in competition because we need more obvious male quilters in the UK and he sure deserves to be one of them.

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Susan Briscoe said...

I'm glad you liked the review! Also that Vicky put in a really nice, large image of 'Victorian Steampunk' - looks great. No doubt my copy of the mag will be lurking in a big pile of mail for me to go through today.