Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Art quilt - first fabrics

I've tried to get the colour about right, but my phone does make these look blue so the final quilt may not be the colour you think it is. This is a mid shade within the design and I chose it to be the first one because it is dark enough to be a colour I want to read as further back but light enough to help the lighter colours read correctly which they wouldn't directly on the black background. This piece (and indeed all the others) are cut with scissors, and yes that does take a while. This one isn't too bad but the next piece while a lot smaller will take a lot longer to cut out. It's just the way these things work. I'm listening to a lot of audio books at the moment as I am still working on my wholecloth so I carry on with them while I am cutting this quilt. Usually for my art quilts I watch DVD's but that doesn't work so well when I am alternating between two projects.

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