Monday, August 15, 2011

Somewhat distracted

I've not got as much done today. I've managed to catch up on some sleep and Tet got back from his weekend music festival so I've tried to be a bit sociable.

Being a sad quilter I thought I would share my ring of bobbins today. I have several of these rings and I love them as the bobbins don't fall out when you drop them on the floor, and well I do that from time to time. This one is just set up for the current project which not only has several colours of bobbin thread in it but gets through quite a lot of all of them. As you can see I am using a mixture of pre-wound cardboard bobbins and ones I wind myself. Most of the thread is Masterpiece by Superior threads, it's a very fine (50wt) cotton thread. The dark purple is Aurifil. That is also a 50wt cotton and is the bobbin thread for the matching shade of 28wt that I am using on the top of the quilt. I just really like seeing my bobbins sitting there waiting to be used. I don't generally have needles waiting to be used, but this is pretty dense quilting and I am getting through needles pretty quickly. Having them right to hand improves the odds of me changing them as soon as they need it.


Superior Threads said...

It's always great seeing our bobbins in a quilter's project. Thank you so much for using them.


Ferret said...

I use it because I like it and it works :)

Valerie said...

I will have to try the masterpiece thread you mention. I have been wanting to experiment with finer threads and maybe even possibly silk. I have seen those bobbin cases and boy do they look handy. Much better than the bin of wound bobbins with tangled ends accumulating on the corner of my sewing table. Lol*