Friday, August 05, 2011

Quilting quilting everywhere

I've spent this week quilting for customers and tomorrow (well today technically) I get to return lots of them. The pictures are of the back of a quilt I was working on today. My last step today was to reload my monster wholecloth. I am hoping to make good inroads on it over the next few weeks. I am also planning on starting on a new art quilt so watch this space.


Susan Briscoe said...

Like the floral rampage on this one - perhaps with a few ferns chucked in, it would work nicely for that pink/green/brown quilt I'd like you to do for me? The backing is on it's way from Hancocks now.

Ferret said...

I could see something like this working very well on your quilt, of course it will be in the style of not exactly the same :)