Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You couldn't make it up

I thought today would be a normal (as normal as possible for me) teaching day. Two class that should have started last week but were canceled because of the snow. I was a little concerned as last night the forecast was for 6 hours of heavy snow in Hemel and 3 hours at home, but at least it wasn't due till lunchtime. The day started well. I woke up just before the alarm and on checking the weather forecast found we were now only expecting sleet. A bit of a shame but at least my students could get to class.

There was very little traffic, which was odd but welcome and I made good time to Hemel. Plenty of time to go and buy lunch at the local supermarket. Their car park was very empty too. Strange as usually I have to park quite a way from the door, but still very welcome. However as I walked up to the door I saw a crowd gathered outside. Odd, maybe no lunch for me today, but lets see what is happening. As I reached the door the staff member who had been blocking it said "OK, you can come in now" and again I thought I was having a lucky day. As I tried to get a sandwich I startled the staff member. She obviously wasn't expecting anyone in the store and was rather jumpy. Talking to her I found out the store had caught fire just before 7 and all the staff had been standing outside for 2 hours. It did smell pretty bad towards the back of the store but at least no one was hurt and they had managed to put it out and open up.

I was greeted at the shop with the news that I had a new student. That always makes for a bit more work, but it's interesting to meet new people so we settled down. Of course, first day back everyone has a stack of questions and problems to be solved. Then the day got really weird. I could have sworn they said a film crew would be here by about 12. Nah I must be mistaken right? Wrong. London Tonight wanted to do a piece about the pennants for the London Olympics and were indeed filming in the workshop today.

The whole day has had a slightly strange feel . I don't know if you've ever had the dream when you got to work and do everything you are supposed to, then wake up and find you still have it to do? It feels just like that. I really hope this isn't going to be the start of groundhog day. On the birght side my new longarm leaflets arrived, so I don't have to print and fold at home anymore, yay!

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jan said...

How odd....I hope the class went OK after that episode.
I am waiting for Di to get back to me with some dates, then I will be in touch again.
all excited.....