Thursday, January 21, 2010

Irish quilting magazine

It's been another mad day but I think I will forgive it. I got the next customer quilt onto the frame and started, and I made it to the post office to pick up my package that was waiting, but more about that in a while. The highlight today was finding out that the new Irish Quilting magazine is out and has arrived at the shop. I am really pleased with the article and I particularly like the way they have used the images of my quilts. It was probably one of the trickest and most fun articles I've done. Sherry Nugent who wrote it is also the editor of the magazine and consequently very busy. She was trying to interview me at the time I was wondering if I still had a home I saw it so infrequently and we kept missing each other. One night I got home late and found she had emailed me again to try and arrange a time to call. I replied saying 'tomorrow morning would be great, or about now as you probably aren't sad enough to still be reading your email'. She was a replied saying so. She agreed that the next morning would be fine and joked that so would now. Given how long we had been trying to talk to each other I thought the joke wasn't such a dumb idea. We were both free and neither of us likely to need to rush out (it was after midnight) and unlikely to be interupted. So shortly after 1am we were on the phone chatting. I think that is just amazingly cool. Sherry has said I must stress she doesn't normally call at that time of day, I think she is worried it might scare people off. For me it was perfect far better than having to get up early (before noon) to be interviewed. I am very much a night owl and I think it shows in the article that I was more relaxed and well more me.

The package was pretty cool too. It turned out to be a book I have been after for a while. The quilters album of patchwork patterns by Jinny Beyer. It is a book of over 4000 block patterns which is right up my street and I love Jinny's work so I pre-ordered it as soon as I heard it was coming out. It got delayed and delayed, I was giving up hope of ever getting it, then I saw it on the quilt show. I was almost drooling after Jinny explained what was in it. She said there are lots of blocks using borer prints to make them more interesting. She also explained how to take one block and make it more inticate to make a whole quilt of just that block scaled. Those aspects of the book are fantastic, a churn dash with fussy cut fabric looks amazing. However there is also a whole section on drafting which is fascinating too. It isn't a cheap book, but it is good quality and packed full of inspiration. I am very pleased I bought it. I'll have to sign off now and go and get the workshop ready for tonights class.


Vicki W said...

Oh thanks! I had just talked myself out of buying Jinny's new book this morning. Now it's back on my "must have" list!

VerrySherry said...

Hi! Glad you like the article. I enjoyed our chats, even if at dark o'clock in the a.m.! Looking forward to seeing you here in Ireland in February! sherry@irishquilting