Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The snow finally won

I've been able to make every other class whatever the weather btu when I looked out ans saw this today I thought I might finally be beaten. That's not much snow, and I know I could get to the main roads, but i also know it thawed a lot yesterday then refroze. When I called the shop my concerns were confirmed. The steep hill next to the shop is an ice rink. I could get to within 100 yards of the shop but not park or get into the workshop. So instead I will get an extra day to quilt. It's the right thing to do to cancel the shop, at least two students had made the same decision, but it's not good for the shop. Losing a days trading is bad for any business and more so for small ones. If you're stuck at home today how about a little retail therapy?


Penny said...

Not nice weather at all.

Patchwork Corner has some new space themed fabric, which is now on my list of stuff to get.

Ferret said...

Um space fabric, um yes well. They do have it in now, the first delivery had an accident. I bought some, then my students did then there was a bit of a scuffle then there was no fabric. It is lovely.