Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There are days.

I'm not a morning person, I know that but when I picked up my Nintendo DS instead of my phone I think it set the tone for the day. I've been nearly on the ball all day and by the time I got home I was definately tired. I had planned on repacking the gearbox on the longarm, but that is quite a physical job so not too appealing right now. In one of my classes I had been talking about a pattern I had been meaning to write and I though it would be a nice simple thing to do tonight.

Then I walked into the computer room and turned on my monitor. No screensaver. Odd. No lights on the machine, even stranger I guess one of the cats managed to turn it off. Oh well. I turned my machine on and went to retrieve my phone. Apparently we had a major power cut today. It took out many blocks. Of course that took the computers down and our network needs bringing back up. So here I am ready to work and no computers typical. Worse than that the designs I wanted to work on are all on the computer too. I tell you pen and paper is the way of the future.


Penny said...

That sounds like quite a frustrating evening. Hope you got something useful done. (Or alternatively, gave it up as a bad job, and curled up with a good book.)

jan said...

I hope you had backed up your system Ferret.
Why is this so large on my screen????


Ferret said...

I wrotea different pattern on my phone then read a book. Yes the system is all backed up. The server did come up but it had to do some work on it's disks.

jan said...

Computers!! What would we do without them!!
Probably a lot more Quilting!!!