Sunday, January 24, 2010

First talk of the year and housekeeping

Yesterday I had a very early start to get to Sevenoaks for the Quilters Guild regional day there. I felt quite nervous as I've had a long break from talks (over a month) and I was worried I might have forgotten what to do. Fortunately I had a great audience and they seemed to enjoy it. I had fun too. They had a lucky dip for 50p a go. I got a pack of postcards which had some quilts that I really like. I felt that was very good value. Besides it is fun just digging in a bucket of shredded paper to find things.

From there we headed off to find a friends new house. It is on a new development and doesn't yet appear on maps, GPS or have street signs. Still we found it and the house was warmed (just gently it is still standing).

Today I had planned a good run of quilting. It was a great plan honest, and went well until I rolled on the quilt to do another area. Then I found out that my tension had drifted in one place. Oh dear. I had lunch and hoped it would look better after food, but the quilt fairies failed me again and I have spent the rest of the day unpicking the quilting. It's not quite taking the 1 hour per minute of quilting, but it is taking far longer than I would have hoped. Still it's the right thing to do and the sooner I get on with it the sooner I can get back to quilting.

You may notice I've added a couple of items to the list on the right hand side of this page. I've been noticing many more foreign visitors here so I have added a translation system. I suspect it won't be a great translation but I hope it will be better than nothing and will make life a little easier for some visitors. If anyone can recommend a better system please let me know. It's hard to judge when you aren't using it yourself. I have also added a link to Quilting Bloggers. This is a great site to find a lot of quilting inspiration. There are blogs, galleries and shops linked from one place. It's a wonderful site, and will suck as much time as you fancy spending there.

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jan said...

That is just the problem Ferret, reading all these blogs eats into sewing time, but then, I hate to miss what my friend's are up to....basically nosey I guess!!!
I have one of those translator doodahs on my blog, not sure if it is very much different from yours though. You are welcome to 'lift' it and see.
Still waiting for dates from Di....