Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's interesting what you miss

Well I think it is. I knew I would miss my cats what I was in Prague, that was obvious but I didn't realise some of the other things that were going to be important. I was surprised that I didn't miss quilting. The couple of days off over Christmas had been very odd, but this trip wasn't. I wonder if that is because the whole city is very inspiring to me, so I was thinking more about quilting than usual (yes that is possible) maybe that hits the same spot? I did miss my shoes a lot, I hadn't even considered that as a possibility. I've got used to having my feet comfortable, light and free. Suddenly they are trapped in very heavy (relatively) boots. Not nice. They still haven't forgiven me. Next time I will figure out a way I can wear my Five fingers. I also missed Chinese food. That one really did surprise me. I've had no virtually no caffeine for six days and all I crave is Chinese food. Go figure.

I also discovered in Prague how much I enjoy reading fiction and how much I miss it. I think I am going to have to give some careful thought to when I can find time to read. I love books but for the last few years I have only read text books. I want to read more fiction. I've also learned a lot more about art, what I like and why it works. I guess Prague inspires a lot of people. It seems to be full of artists. Certainly I feel I could work a lifetime and not make everything it suggests to me. I hope i will be able to find time to make a good dent in my ideas, a couple I had on my last trip are now very keen for me to work on them and I have many many more ideas. Some will get combined into I hope much better ideas (and will kill two birds with one stone). Yes you learn a lot from traveling.

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jan said...

Well, Ferret I have to say although you blogged whilst you were away. I missed you and your quilts enormously. Welcome back.
Do find time to read, it is good for you. I tend to take a 'day off' now and then and do nothing but read. Lovely! Pure Bliss!