Friday, January 08, 2010

Prague - day 1

As you can see we got our snow. It's been snowing all day, quite lightly but consistantly. As heavy snow was forecast we started by going up Petrin hill in the funicular railway. I grew up near one and loved going on it as a child, nothing's changed I still love them. I am also a huge fan of the public transport system here. It's cheap, simple and efficient. Once at the top of the hill we headed on up. Up to the top of the Petrin tower. 229 steps on the outside of a tower in the snow. It was well worth it, the view is great even in the snow.

On the way down we decided to walk halfway down the hill. This took us past the magical cave. Yeah right. Tourist trap, bound to be. As we went past a lady popped out to entice us in. She managed it with the promise of hot wine (yes I drink wine here it's good). The magical cave is a gallery cre artist has created. He has redesigned the building, to show case his work. It's fantastic. I want to be as good as him making things glow. It was magical.

Lunch was at 'The Old Prague Restaurant'. It was obviously a popular place with natives and less so with tourists, which I take as a very good omen. It was. We each had soup and will insist ours was better. Both soiund vegetarian, Tet had potatoe and I had garlic, I am quite sure both were meaty. Mine certainly comtained pork as well as croutons and potatoes and cloves of garlic. They were wonderful, although you can be glad you aren' sitting next to me :)

This afternoon we have shopped. If you want cold weather gear go to a cold country. Works wonders. I had intended to shop for cat treats to (I hope they haven't eaten the cat sitter yet) but I think it will have to wait for annother day. Gotta go they are trying to close here and I want to post before I lose net access.

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Reon Argondian, the artist in the cave, has a web site at