Sunday, January 17, 2010

Made my day

I spotted this blog on the net today. I love her wholecloth quilt, and I really wish I had thought of a feathered snowflake it works really well. What really made my day though was that she was inspired by Winter Star, and went off and actually made something. That is just so cool. Kinda like the quilt just had a child. I'll just grin like an idiot now if it's all the same.


Vicki W said...

Thanks for the link, I really needed another blog to follow! lol! She does cool stuff.

Emma said...

Thank you! Your work is truly inspirational, and I know how great it feels to know your work has had some effect. I have a matching idiotic grin on the other side of the world!

jan said...

WOW, great job Emma, I am in awe here looking at your Quilt, both sides so perfect. Hang it in the middle of a room so both sides can be seen or near a mirror!!
I generally whack my name on the front somewhere in the quilting on my stuff, plus the date, small so its not obstrusive. Have added you to my list of worthy blogs.
Thank you Ferret for pointing her out to us, as Vicki says, yet another to watch, no time to sew soon. hahahaha