Friday, January 08, 2010

We made it.

It is pathetic how little snow stops the UK, and when we arrived at Heathrow our flight had been canceled. Geman efficiency was dealing with the problem and we were already booked on the next flight an hour later. When we tried to check in they[spotted we had a connecting flight that had to be changed too. That was mor of a problem, it had to move four hours. They were very appologetic and sent us off with a voucher for lunch. The delay being only an hour didn't require it but they felt they had a resposiblity to make things right for the knock on effect. It was a very good breakfast and much appreciated.

As it turned out we were delayed almost 2 hours and arrived in Fraknfurt much later than expected, so our connection was only a 2 hour wait. I can't recommend Frankfurt airport. It's lovely and the food looks to be excelent, but the prices are insane. Yes even relative to other airports or London.

We eventually arrived in Prague over 12 hours after we started out. Strangely though the journey had felt like a holiday. The room is from the same company as last time but much lower on the hill so less exercise this time. Speaking of which, i should finish my breakfast and head out into the snow to explore.


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Dale Anne said...

Look forward to hearing about your adventures!!! ENJOY!!!

Ferret said...

I am having a lot of fun. I really did love the grotto/cave/ gallery today. I would love to take some of the ideas and put them into a quilt. I suspect I will. I just wish one of us could remember his name.