Sunday, January 03, 2010

Yay! a new Oriental City!

Well officially it is called Pacific Plaza, but those in the know will realise this is a poor attempt to throw them off the scent. If you have never been a native of North West London you may never have heard of Oriental City. It was the venue for oriental food around here. For me the best part was being able to eat an odd mix of dishes as the food hall had stands serving a wide variety of dishes. A couple of years ago the owners of the building decided it would be worth more empty and evicted all the businesses. It was a huge loss and although several did reopen elsewhere it wasn't the same.

Yesterday while looking for something else entirely I came across this review. In it is a link to a review of Pacific Plaza. I knew I had to go and investigate ASAP, but today we had to go and hunt trainers for Tet so it wasn't going to be today. Turns out our hunting took us to Brent Cross which meant we had to practically go past the door of the Pacific Plaza. Fate I tell you I had to go in. It isn't full yet but there are more stands than when the other reviewer visited. The feel of the place is spot on, and it seems that people are starting to hear about it. It wasn't busy, but there were enough customers to have a buzz. As you can probably tell, it's really important to me that this place should do well. The food court was always a great place to go at a weekend. Yes it was busy, no you can't find a seat, but that's OK there. It's how it is supposed to be. The food was fantastic, and I managed my slightly strange selection of dishes. I will be going back, and hopefully a lot more of the old favourites from Oriental City will turn up there soon.

The cold is clearing. It has slowed me up a bit which is no ore than a little annoying. I have been able to think about designs and draw up some plans, so it could have been worse. To be honest if I hadn't been ill and grumpy I might not have gone to Pacific Plaza today and that would have been a huge loss, so maybe it's worked out in the end.

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Joanna said...


I'm Jo from Pacific Plaza. I thought I would let you know that we are holding an exciting event this Saturday (27th Feb) to celebrate Chinese New Year.

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Love Jo
Pacific Plaza