Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Racing and quilting

I've had requests for me to blog the results of our weekend racing, so I will return to the Waverley tomorrow. This weekend was the last race of the season and despite racing my road car we have actually done quite well. So much so we had a chance at the championship this year. In the first round of qualifying Tet made it to number one qualifier. After the second round we had slipped to number two, which was still pretty good. Unfortunately in the third and final round we slipped further to fourth place. That did make things much harder, but there was still a chance Tet could win the championship. After the first round of eliminations the three teams ahead of Tet in the championship were all out. That was hopeful, but it meant we had to race one of our friends. Poop, we would rather have met him later in the day, and the winner of that race would be straight through to the finals. The race was very close with both drivers getting off the line well, but at the finish line Kevin was just ahead. It did come down to inches and 2.9 milliseconds. You don't get much closer than that. It would have been good to have got further but at least it meant we had a friend in the final. However we didn't manage to win the championship so we will still have to pay entry fees next year. I guess we have to try harder.

On the other hand we did have one success at the track. Tet finished and delivered another quilt. The Welsh flag in the picture is a quilt. It is standard quilting cotton fabric on the front and a velvety fleece on the back. The soon to be parents are Sean and Suzie Armstrong who are Taffy Bear racing. That is their race car trying to hide behind them, I insisted the whole race family needed to be in the photo :) and I'm afraid I chose the picture where the car looked it's best. I think they will understand, and the bump is getting in on the photo too. There was some concern that that little one would try and put in an appearance at the racing this weekend but it managed to hold on so it hasn't seen it's quilt yet. The quilt is waiting in her hospital bag so the little one will be able to go home in the welsh flag.

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Feather on a Wire said...

I think that's so cool to wrap the new born up in!