Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Great North Quilt Show - Harrogate - Susan Briscoe

 These are two quilts from Susan Briscoe's special exhibition at the show. The show is quilts from her book, Japanese Quilt Inspirations. The first one is called Furoshiki'. It's a quilt I quilted for her and is now for sale here. It will be coming back to me for a bit more quilting before it goes to a new home. When I quilted it initially we were on a very tight schedule and it had to go back for photography before I was completely happy.

The second quilt is called 'Kunimoto', and is also up for sale. This one was interesting to quilt the border is a very slinky fabric, which looks good especially when it's quilted but man does it try to wriggle. I did really enjoy working on this quilt though as it had a lot of different textures in it. I like quilt where you feel the different fabrics as you quilt over them, but then, to me, quilting is all about making things that are tactile.

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Susan Briscoe said...

:-) Thanks for the posting. Did you ever get a video sorted out for Kunimoto? Would love to see it being quilted someday. 'Holiday Starrfire' vid remains rather addictive, and I refer ppl to it to explain what goes on with freehand longarm (usually when they have been making rude comments about longarming per se, 'cos they think it is all computer driven!)