Thursday, September 15, 2011

New term

Just a quick post to prove I survived the day. There are some mysteries of the world I will never understand and seem doomed to forget before they hit me again. Why is it that traffic is always worst the first classes in September. I could almost understand it if the shop term started the same week as schools but it doesn't. Even then it's a bit of a stretch. Surely there are the same number of children going to school and about the same number of cars taking them, therefore the same amount of traffic. So why is it every year the last two weeks in September always have worse traffic, and why do I forget until it happens again. It's just weird. At least I left plenty of time today and I do know it will settle down fairly soon.

It was good to catch up with the returning students and see what they had achieved over the holiday. Looks like one of my regulars is hooked on hand applique so I guess now is a good time to start designing some. I've been putting it off as I just can't do that much hand work, but she can and it looks like she is going to get really good at it.

It was also the first chance to meet new students and find them projects to work on. I'm looking forward seeing my book quilt made up in latte colours. It's going to be very subtle but I think it will also be quite stunning. That's the upside of a new term, lots of new possibilities. Having finished my lesson prep for tomorrow (a new pattern for some of my evening students to play with) I think I had better get to bed. I need to be recovered from today before I get tomorrows set of questions in. I wonder what other new projects will appear then.

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