Thursday, September 08, 2011

Cosby quilters

Today I was teaching 'Autumn Leaves' to some of the ladies from Cosby quilters. They are a fun group with a lot of ideas. I think these ladies will take the ideas from the class and play. In fact I know they will because they were already doing it. I hope they will send me so updates on how the experiments pan out. It's also given me some ideas I would like to play with at some point. I really like it when suudents ask why, and especially when they ask it about things I might not have fully considered.

Last night was a different venue but the same group. I was giving my talk, 'Quilter? Artist? Lunatic?'. It was an interesting venue, but I was pleased how much I managed to display and how many quilts I got to show during the talk. Despite a lot of the group being on holiday there was a good turnout and I think people had fun. P.S. Thanks for the water ;)

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