Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Prometheus back on the frame

I've got a little break between customers so I've gone back to my monster wholecloth. Those of you with 2012 calendars will know it has a name. Prometheus. I've finally decided how to tackle an area I had left which in turn had made the quilt much harder to tension on the frame so I am going to do that for a while. The area that is now being filled has taken me about an hour, which gives you an idea how much time this beast has eaten. On the bright side I am apparently much more relaxed and easy to get along with when I am working on it.


Sally said...

Ferret---Thank you for posting pictures of quilts coming into being. Your work is just so lovely! Patience is not one of my virtues so enjoy seeing work from someone who can.--Sally

jan said...

I ache when I look at your quilts and the fabulous quilting on them. This is once again superb. One day I will - hahaha - quilt like that....in my dreams huby says..jan