Friday, September 09, 2011

Weekend reading material

Maybe eye candy would be a better description given the books are all mostly illustrations, but they serve the same function. They are all books I've been looking at for a while and they all arrived this week. The Welsh quilts book is research for a wholecloth idea i have which will also become a class, but the other two are pure fun. I've seen an lot of Dusty's work and I wanted a better look at some of his patterns. They are very good books, my only complaint is that he says a lot of the same things I do thus making my quilting book harder to write. I'll let him off, not only did he get it to print first I think most of it will bear repeating. I was especially pleased to find out that he quilts one handed too. I completely agree with him that it's a lot easier, and that the key to quilting is body memory. Some of the patterns will be fun to play with too. Guess I should go, desert has arrived.

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Tracey said...

Hi Ferret, did you get Dusty's books direct from him? I love his stuff - saw him at MQX this year. The piece that won was spectacular.