Saturday, October 01, 2011

Region 7

Today was one of those days that started way too soon. My talk today was near Northampton, which is a fair distance up the M1 and for the van quite a long time. I had managed to load the van yesterday despite the heat so at least we just had to get in and go.

The M1 wasn't too bad until the last junction before the one we needed and even the it just a short queue for people to look at an accident so we made good time. Just as well when we overshot the turning and picked a very narrow residential street to turn the van in. It's why I like to leave plenty of time. The hall was already quite busy but not too much, so unloading was fairly quick and easy. Having Tet with me does make things a lot easier.

I was the afternoon speaker so I got to listen to the morning one, which is always interesting. I've not heard Philippa Naylor speak before and I was quite impresssed. I don't like talks with slides, but she dealt with them well. She uses them to illustrate her words rather than "..and this slide shows..." repeated over and over. She had also brought some real live quilts for people to get a good look at, touching allowed.

After a very good lunch I got set up and then we had show and tell. The quilt I am helping to hold up is one I quilted. Hilda made it while she was stuck at home. She had to use only what she had at home as she couldn't get out. It came out well though and despite my concern at her choice of green thread for quilting the white fabrics I think that worked too.

The talk seemed to go well, not too many fell asleep, which on a warm afternoon after lunch is always a risk. I bought one piece of fabric from Crafty Quilter which was rather restrained for me, but I did help others to shop so I still feel I supported the traders. Now we are almost home so it must be time to send this post on it's way. I will post more on the Waverley I haven't forgotten, I've just been busy.


Vicki said...

Great talk Ferret - my friends and I really enjoyed it and seeing your quilts up close. It was very interesting seeing the contrast between your quilts and Philippa's with both of you producing amazing quilts. Look forward to seeing lots more from you in the future.

Ferret said...

Thanks Vicki, I'm certainly planning a lot more :) Hope to see you at one of my exhibitions :)