Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I've just heard from the printer that I should have the calendars by Thursday morning. I will try and get them up on the web site as soon as possible, in fact by the time you read this they will probably be there in my web shop. This year they are desk calendars and will be selling for 6 pounds each. As usual it's a limited run and when they are gone they're gone. I hope you will all enjoy them, they are have couple of new quilts in them. The cover is a close up from my new wholecloth, Prometheus. They also have several quilts that you may not have seen before.


jan said...

YESSSS Ordered and paid right away. Bit worried though there is no mention of a postage charge. Do let me know if I need to pay you more Ferret.

Ferret said...

It's packed and ready to go. I post for free within the UK but I do have to charge to other countries.

jan said...

Well that is even better, thank you so much. What a bargain, you will be inundated. I must tell the ladies at my group on Saturday. It will make a really Good Christmas Present.