Sunday, September 11, 2011


This post is a little delayed due to lack of power, but Saturday was all about cars. We spent the morning at a driving experience and then went back to the drag strip. We made it back just in time to see a pro session which was great. The rain help off just long enough to run the promods. I'm sorry the photo isn't great but as ever I was working with my phone for blogging. I am so thrilled tohave seen Red Victor 3 making runs this weekend. Not only that Andy Frost has now completed his licencing. This is a really special promod as it's street legal. Number plates, MOT, tax disk, the whole thing. He not only has lights indicators, horn and windscreen wipers but also electric windows in a race car. When it's run in (yes he is running it in by racing gently) it will be a 6 second car. That means from a standing start it will cover a quarter of a mile in 6 seconds, that's very quick. For comparison my car is running 17 seconds. Right now top fuel eliminations are about to run so I'll leave this here.

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jan said...

Steady when you get back to your long arm, no racing on that....17 seconds, phew, takes me longer than that to get out of my chair!!