Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Great North Quilt Show - Harrogate - Winner

It's not often I am so pleased by the judges choice of Championship quilt, but this year there have been two winners that really pleased me. Unfortunately at Sandown one of those beat this one, but all's well that ends well, it's made it this time. The quilt is called 'Overleaf' and was made by Susie Corke. I just love this quilt. I'm a sucker for stars anytime and small beautifully pieced ones are even better. I'm also a huge fan of sampler quilts (hence Ferreting Around) and on point settings, especially when I don't have to quilt them.

 The photo really doesn't capture the detail of this quilt, you'll just have to take my word for it, the piecing and quilting are both lovely. At Sandown we saw this quilt before we saw either the second place or winner of the bed quilt category and our initial response was it should have been the champion. It turned out there was a glut of exceptional bed quilts this year there.

The spiky rosette if the champion quilt award, one of the others is first place in bed quilts and I think the third one was for hand quilting but I may be wrong on that. The certificate is a judges choice. I hope this quilt will be displayed again somewhere. I would love to see it again and I'd love as many people as possible to have a chance to admire it. I'd love to make a quilt like this at some point, but I'm not sure I have the patience for it.

There are more pictures of this quilt on Susan Briscoe's blog here.


jan said...

Like you, Susie Corke does amazing work, hers all by hand, you all by machine, we have the best of both worlds I would say.

Ferret said...

Thanks Jan, I've not managed a championship quilt yet though and this quilt really deserved it's place. I just wish she had a web site, I'd love to see more of her quilts if only online.

Maggi said...

This one took my breath away when I saw it at Harrogate.

Trudi said...

I'm thrilled to see a complete picture of the quilt, I couldn't get close to it at Harrogate! Thank you Ferret :)

jan said...

They are stunning, I have seen some, she is a lovely lady and so willing to share what she knows, just like you really. I am sure she lives locally I will have to ask around, someone may know, then maybe you can get in touch with her.